Sustainability for the every day Womban

Recycled Polyamide

For our swimwear we use Econyl® recycled polyamide, a 100% recycled material that comes from nylon waste, mainly from fishing nets. The quality of regenerated nylon is exactly the same as that of virgin nylon and it can be recycled and regenerated infinite times without losing its qualities, offering us the opportunity to give infinite lives to the same fabric.

Recycled Polyester

The polyester used in our collection has been made in Italy, with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. The recycled polyester thread is obtained mainly from the recycling of PET plastic bottles, and it can be recycled countless times, obtaining a high-quality recycled material.

Organic Cotton

Our lingerie garments are made with organic cotton, which in contrast to conventional cotton offers us the following benefits:

1. Cotton purity level. Organic cotton is harvested entirely by hand, which helps to preserve the purity of each fiber, preventing them from being damaged as happens with harvesting done with machinery.

2. Natural seeds. In conventional cotton, genetically modified seeds are used that require a greater use of pesticides. In the case of organic cotton, pesticides or harmful chemicals are not used for the crop, pests are controlled with the use of other insects that kill them. As a result, the organic option is more recommended for our skin.

3. Grow using less water. With organic cotton, the cultivation areas are rotated so that the land can recover the necessary nutrients for a new planting, on the other hand, for conventional cotton, the land is cultivated over and over again, degrading the land that loses the necessary amount of nutrients and requires more water for good planting.

Leftover Fabrics

Our bold approach is founded on the principle that every ounce of material is precious, from the fabrics we use in our designs to the scraps that remain. We are on a mission to reduce waste in all possible ways. Not only do we search for innovative ways to create new smart products with our leftover materials, but we also inspire and encourage our Mini Bold to create their own unique designs for their dolls and accessories. By maximizing the use of our materials and exploring new possibilities, we can minimize our environmental impact and protect our planet’s resources. Let us continue to boldly innovate and inspire, knowing that each small step we take toward sustainability brings us closer to a brighter and more sustainable future.

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