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Nope, it’s not selfish to make yourself a priority

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Our name is a portmanteau. We’ve blended the words “womb” + “woman” into Womban because we believe you don’t need to lose your identity once you become a mother.

You are a BOLD WOMBAN bravely growing into your best self all while creating and raising mini selves you aspire to live their lives fully.

This is the story of two women who joined forces to help as many women as possible on their journey through motherhood wombanhood

We get it. We know the ins and outs of this blissful moment that sometimes can be chaotic. When it comes to not feeling our best, well, we’ve been there. That is why we teamed up to create something that helps from the inside out, literally. Our sustainable line of intimate, swimwear and sports apparel is just what you needed to make you feel like yourself again. You see, for many of us, being a mother is new. It’s a fresh beginning to an experience like no other and it’s also a moment where our bodies change. 

We noticed that as we changed, the available apparel did not evolve. Instead, we found pieces that made us feel like we were still in the hospital. And that is how Bold Womban was born as a brand specializing in breastfeeding apparel that you can use while you are pregnant and continue using years after you stop breastfeeding.

Meet our founders

We're packed with loads of experience both professionally and throughout our wombanhood.

We represent the active woman, the woman who likes to feel beautiful, takes care of herself, is positive, and wants to feel sensual and sophisticated even as a mother. We understand that in this day and age being a woman means having to wear many hats and oftentimes we are not even recognized for everything we are. This is why we’ve created a brand that speaks to and represents each woman who is a forward-thinker. 

We celebrate you

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