Wombanhood: The birth of the womban in you

A Bold Womban is born

         or many of us the idea of being a mother is something we yearn. For some, it comes earlier in life while for others it occurs at a later period. But, regardless of when you become a mother, the truth is you don’t just give birth to children, you also give birth to an unknown you.

We’re oftentimes sold on the idea that becoming a mother is a moment where all our efforts are directed to raising the children we’ve brought to life. And even though we do spend quite a lot of our seconds dedicated to those little munchkins, we fail to recognize the time we need for ourselves. Let me just add that for those of us who decide to tackle full-on breastfeeding, the journey is even more intense; yet with even more rewards.

When I was breastfeeding, wait. I am still breastfeeding my three-year-old. So, as I began breastfeeding my daughter, I felt like all I did was pop out my boob and just let her feed. Actually, it’s pretty much like that except the bonding and deep connections that are made in those moments are unmeasurable. Breastfeeding is my shared time to think of the millions of things I have to do or the dreams and goals I want to achieve. It is also my daughter’s space to not only nourish herself but also to feel me, breathe me, and get to know me even if I am not saying a word.

While we are pregnant we tend to dedicate our time to thinking and planning things around the baby and how life, in general, will change, but we don’t think let alone imagine how much we can change. I remember daydreaming about what my children would look like, what color of hair or eyes they’d have or what it would be like to take them to the park. Yet, I never stopped to think about myself, how I would feel or how I could change. Even though I would see myself in the mirror every day, I didn’t contemplate the notion that once they were born, I would change physically and mentally. That’s why it came as such a shock when I realized I had lost myself in the process. As soon as my daughter was born I felt like I simply took a backseat in a whole different car. At times I wanted to be recognized, but the truth is I didn’t even recognize myself.

You see, once you announce you are expecting, the world around you collaborates to show you all it has to offer to your baby. With baby showers, baby swaddles, baby clothes, different types of baby bottles, and an infinite number of baby-related things, I got to wonder well, what about me? Don’t get me wrong, I do love the showers and all but I would have liked a shower for me, celebrating the woman I was and the woman I was becoming. When I talked to my fellow mom friends we all seemed to have one thing in common and that is that once we weren’t pregnant we stopped being seen as women and ultimately were only seen as the “mother.” Not that being a mother is a bad connotation, but before the mother, there is a woman.

So that got me thinking, what if there was a place, a space, or a kindred group for women who want to share their motherhood experiences while at the same time looking and feeling their best while wearing articles of clothing that are created specifically for them? If one of our purposes as mothers is to care for our children to the best of our abilities, then feeling our best selves should be a prerequisite.

Remember I mentioned I was still breastfeeding my three-year-old? Well, I am also still using the same unflattering bras I could find that helped to fulfil the purpose of nursing. But, I wish I could have had access to different designs and materials to accompany me in the discovery of my new self as a womban. A “womban” is how I see myself. I am a woman whose womb has grown two beautiful children. A womban who still has a sense of fashion. A womban who loves spending quality time with herself and also loves to nurture her children. As I became this womban some of my dreams and goals have remained the same while others have evolved or changed completely. What hasn’t changed is who I am inside, that girl with achievable dreams who became a woman with drive and whose womb allowed her to give life to a new generation full of possibilities.

Are you ready to be part of our kindred group and feel your true self while also looking your best?! We welcome you to share your womanhood experiences. As the leading women behind Bold Womban, we’ll be sharing more of our experiences with you because we know that each story is unique and also an opportunity to learn from one another.

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